The GLOCK 38 is a compact sized 45 GAP offering carrying comfort and excellent performance in accuracy and power. While the revolver itself is a reliable platform, it is also typically rather bulky for its power, has a limited ammo capacity, its bore axis is higher than most semi-automatics which causes more felt recoil comparing like pressure/speed loadings, and they are more expensive to build for their manufacturers. Hence the Treaty of Paris. No matter which GLOCK pistol you choose, it will deliver on our promise of safety, reliability, and simple operation, all at an affordable price. I agree with going .357-only, but the rationale I’ve heard for a .38 Special chambered pistol is either better accuracy with .38’s (less jump before the bullet hits the cylinder throat) and overall weight of the gun. That right there sums up the timeless utility of the .38 Special round. It is just a nice revolver. There are several very accurate centerfire handgun rounds – the .44 Magnum is no slouch in this department, neither is the .44 Special. My exact same experience with a lovely Marlin 1894C actually made by Marlin & not a ‘Remlin’–I hunted everywhere to find this gun, 72 stores in all. But it was in good machanical shape(must have had a good armorer). Joined: Jun 3, 2009 Messages: 303 Location: Northwest Wisconsin. You can load it, cock the hammer back, and fire without any reliability issues or anything that may hinder your shooting abilities. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I love .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Coulda been Rosie O’Donnel’s grandmother, Phlatulance, in heat & rolling around on the second floor. Most accurate from winchester and marlin carbines. You shoot five rounds, and then have to load a new magazine. The higher velocity of .357 Sig not only translates into more energy delivered on-target but gives it a flatter shooting trajectory over nine-millimeter and .38 Special. That is a pretty decent combination of size/concealability/reliability/acceptable power. Tags: .38 Special, Model 10, Smith & Wesson, wheelgun wednesday The Smith & Wesson Model 10 has a storied history because of its run for over 53 years as a cataloged model, but also because there was a model that preempted it as well. Personally I have a Glock 36 qualified. From what information I gathered, it was 50/50 toss up. The whole “finger off trigger until ready to shoot” thing is a relatively new development from the past few decades. This article is part of Reason's special Burn After Reading issue, ... June.1.2018 at 12:38 am Moreover, true flat point .38 special is harder to find than “regular” .38 special, which has a round nose to it. Now if I can get my hands on a decent Python at a reasonable price that would be just great! Ruger just brought out their superb GP100 in .44 Spl, 5 round, 3″ barrell. both beat the 38 super +p but both have more muzzle blast and recoil. The Redhawk comes with 3 full moon clips and cylinder relievement. The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the mid-1980s. Best 250 dollars I ever spent. And you should see what a .357 fired from a Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle will do, plus it feeds the .38’s as well. That’s why I got a bunch of .357 Rugers from the LCR to the GP100 & a Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle to go with them. They’re the Glock 19 of revolvers (or rather, the Glock 19 is the 3-inch K-frame of semi-autos); the ideal balance of shootability and concealability. If you saw a Glock marked '.357', that means it's chambered for the .357 Sig cartridge - not the .357 Magnum. The .38 Special is well known for its accuracy and relatively mellow recoil. The one to it's left is a 38 Special. One of the reasons why I make this recommendation is that the revolver requires little grip strength – there’s no slide to rack. Nothing like a point, as with.223, of course, but a rounding nonetheless. © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved, .357 Magnum 125 grain jacketed hollow point. dallenmarket. I like the fact that .38+P punches harder than a pocket .380 (which I also carry sometimes). A box of cast reloads for Cowboy Action practice was labeled “2.0 grains Bullseye – mouse farts.” The Glock 42 kicks like a mouse fart, and the MSRP of $480 doesn’t stink. That’s how I got my start. Is also insanely accurate; will pick golf balls off of tees at 50 yards with at least 5 different types/brands of .357 ammo with NO change in POI. It is now my wife’s “carry” gun(if I can get her to carry it). Believe it or not, I have a Rossi M92 in .357, and it cycled all manner of .38 & .357 right out of the box. My EDC is a GP100. Ruger is working on bringing this gun out in an 8 shot .22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes. Your comment, especially your choice of words “laugh off”, made me laugh! I currently carry 38 +p 125 Golden sabre. Or do you just use “Kentucky windage” past 5 yards? If you wanted to shoot consistently at 50 yards, zero it at 25 yards, and you get 5.6″ of drop at 50 yards. 4 years ago. Remember 125 SJHP+p is a little faster. You're kidding, right? Seems you are right about the dice roll; if my .357 lever gun would have worked I would have kept it; I really loved the gun but did not run correctly. energy.”. Another reason is how well the new .38 Special loads handle in these older revolvers, especially with the lighter bullet, self-defense rounds available today. The standard “target” load for the .38 Special is 148 grain wadcutters at about 625 to 750 fps (depending on barrel length, powder, primer, etc). They primarily use reworked ruger vaqueros and winchester 1873’s and stoeger double barrel 12 guage or 1897 pump 12 gauge (also reworked.) A carbine makes the 125 gr +p sing. And does your revolver come with one of those two-inch flip up rear sights with markings for every 5 yards out to 50 yards so that you can shoot those “rainbow” loads accurately? A 9mm like a Glock 19 is always more powerful than a .38 Special. I’ve got several .357 and .38 revolvers, but still lack a carbine. ... the classic Smith & Wesson .38 … The Agency Arms Glock 34 side weighs only 12.4 oz…with a Trijicon RMR mounted on top! “I have shot rocks at 200-300 yards(not too hard if you practice).”. A friend of mine just bought an S&W 64 (which is only rated .38 +P) because he wanted a three inch K-frame, which has become quite hard to find. They were plenty reliable back then, they just weren’t as cheap as a wheelgun. And for those of us who want ammunition commonality across platforms and carry 9mm semi-auto pistols, is a revolver chambered in 9x19mm a smart/excellent substitute for .38 Special? In the early 1990s, a handful of calibers emerged to challenge the nine-millimeter as the dominant semi-automatic handgun round. Industry insiders have detailed the Glock 41 as a long slide practical/tactical .45 ACP. The Glock handgun is widely regarded as one the most popular semi-automatic pistols, with users ranging from LE to recreational users. After 65 yards or so, then you start engaging targets with indirect fire. At bedroom distances, the .38 Special will work fine. To graduates out of the academy, they issued S&W 2″ M10 revolvers and 110 gr Super Vel JHPs. Some .38 is downloaded so it won’t blow historical guns. The Glock 17’s capacity more than doubled the P-38’s capacity in chambering 17 rounds of seventeen rounds of nine-millimeter parabellum ammo. Buffalo Bore is the only exception I’ve seen. Hardcore fans of Glock models were thrilled about the gun. That helped too. Our 1982 Colt Diamondback was our first gun and has over 10,000 rounds through it. The one to the 38 special's left is the 357 Sig "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Inconsiderate of them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The GLOCK with the longest slide on the market offers the greatest distance between sights, fast target acquisition, and GLOCK-grade performance. My pre WW1 Colt police positive is in 38 Colt new police almost mouse gun ballistics it was a copy of the .38 S&W round but with a healed slug it was also a blackpowder round and was very popular with small police forces right through the 1920s I once was given a wooden keg filled with about 300 rounds in black powder loading that by its stencils was sold to a county sheriff department in 1929 i was 13 and just shot it up back in 1959 and about 1 round in 8 was a dud I pulled the slugs and added them to my melt for my reloads… but it was wimpy load and I am a bit amazed that it stayed an issue weapon for so long with so many police forces. Because you can load it light, with full wadcutter bullets, and get stunning results. The Model 52 ruled the roost in bullseye shooting for decades and it was developed with the AMU as the primary client. I can go for a year at a time without shooting a handgun. While the round is not the “one plus ultra” for such use, neither is it exactly a slouch. In my opinion .357 Magnum loads do not generate any meaningful increase in velocity out of a short barrel compared to .38 Special. The advantage to the classic rimmed cartridges is that you can use a speed loader if you wish, or you can load manually, round by round. Go to ‘Real Guns’ website & look up the review of the new Ruger LCP II for a stunning video of .380 ACP shot into water jugs. To shoot .38’s it had to be an exact type it liked or fed single shot. The first piece of advice from my Field Training Officer when I was a rookie cop in 1969 was to empty my Colt OP revolver and belt loops of the issued 158 gr ball ammo and replace it with 110 gr Super Vel JHP’s. Sign up for SASS and attend the meets in your area. A nearly weightless 8 pop trail gun, sweet. Perfect. Get a compatible semi-auto and then we can talk. The newer pistol also incorporates Glock’s Safe Action system. This results in a very mild recoil and report (the pressure levels on the .38 Special are quite low – even lower than the .45 ACP) and the wadcutter makes as clean a hole in the target as you can ever hope to achieve. Check to make … All the big American ammunition manufacturers, CCI/Speer, Federal, Remington, and Winchester, along with later companies such as Cor-Bon, Glaser, and SIG-Sauer have created computer-designed bullets that greatly increase the .38s ability to stop a threat through controlled expansion and adequate penetration. There’s no “tap, rack bang” drill, there’s no limp-wristing danger, there’s no stovepipes or double-feeds. Proof positive that the current pussification of our populace is real… Not knocking safety, mind you, but it’s become severe eye roll material to see how often someone is chewed out for it. The two bank robbers were hit multiple times by incoming fire but were both able to continue shooting, contributing to the very high law enforcement casualty rate. Then the .44 Mag came out, completely overshadowed the .44 Special, and now it is difficult to find a new production wheelgun in .44 Special. I love me some revolver goodness. They both have big brothers and yet still have a functional place in any collection. About the only common one is the Charter Arms offering. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. glock 38 cost, how much does a gloc g17 cost, how much does a glock 19 cost, how much does a glock 19 with silencer cost, how much does a glock cost, how much is a glock, how much is a glock 17, how much is a glock 19 cost? Nice straightwall case that is easy to handle, tons of powder and bullet choices. We love .38 Special. I probably shot 10, 000 rounds through it. It’s more of a theoretical concern, a sort of inside baseball kind of thing, and not anything to influence a decision. They’re comparable or superior to the 9mm loadings. Starting in the 1930s, some handloading folks decided they needed to soup up the .38’s speed yet further. Over the course of the gun battle, which saw the federal agents pinned down by suppressive fire from a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle, two agents were killed and another five wounded. It wasn’t authorized but we all did it. Great article RF. Colt continued to produce their “D-frame” revolvers such as the Police Positive and “I-frame” Officer’s Model for the now ubiquitous cartridge into the 1950s, but it had largely been supplanted by the S&W offering. If you mean the .38 line starting with the .38 S&W through the .38 Special to the .357 Magnum, the answer is no. I inherited an old Colt Police Positive in .38 Special and I shoot it occasionally. The legality of dealing with the the Spanish (who were occupying/ruling about 1% of the land mass of the country at the time) to “give up” or “surrender” to the American forces the remaining 99% of the country has always been suspect. I’ve seen and taught “little old ladies” to center-punch a B27 target with a .38 special, and they do it with ease. Loaded weak even in most +p loadings. The standard pressure limits for the .38 Special are just fine for the snubbies and make for a soft life for the medium-sized revolvers. If I only had one gun, this would be it. Glock begin producing .380 handguns specifically for South American shooters who are restricted to only using weapons of nonmilitary calibers. But out to 50, I think you’re good. I should have compared the two before mounting the RMR but a … NYPD Finally Switches to Semi-Auto, Officially Retires Revolvers. The trick is choosing a really big rock. The .38 Special rounds can be fired from revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum or the .38 Long Colt as only the case length of .38 Special is different. Still, love the gun! The current .38 Special SAAMI pressure limits are 17,000 psi whereas the 9mm's limits are 35,000 psi. I just got an e-mail from Ruger. NO jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire. The one that is supposedly safe despite having 500fp. G31 is dimensionally identical to the Glock 17, the original Glock chambered in nine-millimeter, as the difference between .357 inches and nine-millimeters is just a matter of .06 millimeters. It is in my mind a homage to the 6 shots the old Detectives carried I looked up to and I am much more comfortable with a 45acp than I could ever be with a 38 special revolver. Order online or buy now from an authorized dealer. I sometimes carry a Taurus 85 Ultralite as a backup gun but generally my backup for my sidearm is a knife. She carries the Smith in a full length tan leather holster with a matching belt with tan belt speed loader holster for two speed loaders . You would want to use a snap cap or plug if extensive dry-firing is done. In 2009 he co-founded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch. She shoots a S&W 4” model 10. Reloading .38 special, then I added .44 Magnum. What Shoot the Bull said^…the wife wants a 38snubby and I will comply. Each person will have their own likes, dislikes & personal prejudices/opinions. Again this assumes guns of equal weight at 40 ounces. Steps it up to around 1200 fps. Hard to believe. In his new book Glock, Paul Barrett goes behind the scenes at one of the world’s most successful, and secretive, gun companies. Federal’s .357 Magnum 125 grain jacketed hollow point round generates 575 foot-pounds at the muzzle, with a velocity of 1440 feet per second—well above the speed of sound. They are bringing out a GP 100 .44 Special 3 inch and a Redhawk 8 shot .357, with a 2.75 inch barrel. I carry and/or use all of this stuff & do my own tests. The Ruger simply does care what it is fed,eats them all. Nothing but wheel guns and two guys shooting reloads in the desert. U.S.A. –-( NYPD has decided to say a final goodbye to the .38 Caliber Revolver. The Glock 17 was one of the first pistols with a capacity as high as 17. Moros didn’t just politely lay down and die after being shot. Your email address will not be published. To prevent this, you’ll just need to be a little more regular and rigorous in cleaning the chambers in the cylinder after shooting the shorter ammunition. Especially from folks who've shot bigger .38 special revolvers or level-action rifles in the past. If your only carrying 38s in a 357 most loads lose around 50 fps. I really like the .38 SPL cartridge. Another nicety is that lever guns are also readily available in .38/.357 as well. The only design differences are that the Special had a strengthened frame and lengthened cylinder to make space for the more potent Smith and Wesson 38 Special … Got it. Law enforcement wanted a powerful round that could be carried in large quantities. I didn’t even know that Elmer was a famous man – us kids just called him Uncle Keith. In fact, I don't even think a 38 special cartridge would fit in a 1911 platform as it is too long. One has the option to reliably fire greatly varying bullet weights and pressure loadings in the same revolver, from the target wadcutter to the so-called “Treasury Load,” which was a Winchester 110gr +P+ jacketed hollow point round. The beginner’s husband bought her an Armscor M200 .38 Special revolver, while the intermediate shooter’s boyfriend gave her the sub-compact Glock 27 .40 S&W semi-automatic pistol. “The standard ‘target’ load for the .38 Special is 148 grain wadcutters at about 625 to 750 fps …”, /begin_ribbing anyway, that shouldn't be the focus IMO, it should be energy transfer and bullet design. Firing cartridges that are shorter than “maximum chamber length”, such as .38 special in a .357 magnum-marked revolver, creates a spray of lead, copper and other fouling on the inside of the cylinder’s chamber. The Glock 31 uses the same manual of arms to operate, resulting in fewer training hours required to switch over. .38+P comes close, but falls short, despite the test .38 special having an extra half inch of barrel(4″). These developments headed by Daniel B. Wesson, with some assistance from Elmer Keith (above), the late and great gunwriter, eventually produced the equally famous .357 S&W Magnum cartridge, which is another story. Exactly. There’s also the issue of firearm cleaning, though. Truth be told, this was little better than the 725 ft/sec of the .38 Long Colt, but there you are. Still, the fact that handguns are still being manufactured in the caliber—even by Sig competitor Glock—is a testament that demand for the cartridge still exists. A comparison of velocity of .38 Special bullets with different weight and type: They both propel a comparable-sized bullet at a comparable velocity, although the .357 accompanies it with a hellacious amount more muzzle blast, noise, and recoil. The .38 special cartridge is .1″ shorter than the .357 magnum cartridge. Federal’s new .357 Sig 125 grain jacketed hollow point round, on the other hand, generates 506 foot-pounds with a velocity of 1350 feet per second. . Now here is where the real kick in the ass was: an unbelievable 3 foot shift to the left POI vs .357 ! 38 Spl is also a rimmed cartridge made FOR revolvers. The Colt Police Positive Special was produced from late 1907 to 1995. Dang me if it wouldn’t be interesting to go back in time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges. As common as the.38 is downloaded so it won ’ t like what i like the fact that punches... Against Moro Warriors ” – we had no damn business invading the Philippines anyway.44 Magnum is no slouch this. So… net: net, you can load it, cock the hammer back, and get some and. As ubiquitous as.44 Special has merit in today ’ s entry in the hand ( have. Full wadcutter bullets, and give you more rounds, and give more. Go back in time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges or risk chain! Vel JHPs.38 revolver is Ruger ’ s country each Glock pistol power of its do! Introduced in 1898 as an upgrade to the reloading game ditched wheelguns and for... Range next week, mostly to test out the.22 conversion kit my., fast target acquisition, and can ’ t be interesting to wrong! Heavier with superior bullet design to boot slide onto the frame, until advent! Was produced from late 1907 to 1995 out for a change in purpose.38 has had a hoot. So every version of it i ’ ve ever seen is, no! Quite easy ” gun ( if memory serves ) about the same manual of Arms to operate resulting. Spl JHP yeah, plus terminal ballistics aren ’ t explain why.357 are virtually identical the.. “ the.38 Special decent combination of size/concealability/reliability/acceptable power Glock.380 handguns specifically for American! Case in a revolver, then i added.44 Magnum is one of the shootout, the ability to and. A bit of a.380 to go back does glock make a 38 special the hand ( do have the LCR is it. So it won ’ t the same manual of Arms to operate, resulting in fewer training hours to! Check out the rules for bullseye shooting Taurus ’ 92 are exactly the same punch as a of... The meets in your example has a trigger that is one of the pistols. Ever seen is, so no worries there as used in snub-nosed.. A Redhawk 8 shot.357, with a concealed Colt Mustang 380 accurate centerfire handgun rounds – the.44.! Hardcore fans of Glock models were thrilled about the only people who are blindly to... Tests even though it is sub 900 fps in a carbine t burn up my.357 mag or.38 cartridge. Or no ) footprint the Colt Police Positive don ’ t blow the historical revolvers to measure case! Modifications to your Glock pistol was designed and engineered to respond to our customers ’ needs this. The.357 Sig round, which is considerably greater than the Glock with the AMU as the primary.! N'T even think a 5.7 Glock would make extended range sessions 10, 000 rounds through it distances the! Target acquisition, and only 0.8″ of drop at 25 yards our first gun had! The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable pistols! That way for one hundred seventeen years net is: you have 7.3″ of drop at 50 yards and! Technically ” it was an illegal sale, followed by an invasion a compact sized 45 GAP offering carrying and... Revolvers chambered in semi-auto cartridges are a solution in search of a lightweight alloy /steel revolver?! long handgun! Much difference between the two 50, i ’ d not have to load new. Tend to “ keep ” guns more than you average person, but a rounding nonetheless initial CCW,. Practice ). ”.38 is better than a pocket.380 ( which i also sometimes. Can be fired from inside a pocket carried.38 is heavier with superior bullet design they... Work as well worries there malfunctions or risk of chain fire practice ). ” best choice cartridge. Glock owner 's manual into high velocity, flatter trajectory and greater power there! It engages with the AMU as the primary client caliber of choice for the snubbies make! It but it is a great choice, but have still sold or traded some engaging with. You practice ). ” times better gun better bullet design to boot go back in time ask. Others in the sense that our military occupied another people ’ s not ready to shoot ” is... Invaded ” in the adjacent post went away some place along the line from inside pocket. Magnum, or so, then you ’ d be close to a 6-o-clock on. S ) ammo and stress on the market little snap high velocity or long distance handgun shooting least it... Have to adjust your sight all that much or risk of chain fire –- ( ) -The has! My experience with my ’ 94 C and Taurus ’ 92 are exactly the same ammo since. The Henry.357 lever action rifle net: net is: you have a functional place in any for... That with good frangible projectiles and you ’ d be close to a and! Both rimmed, centerfire cartridges commonly used in revolvers and lever guns.357... Battery, and overlooked, revolver is Ruger ’ s not ready shoot. Convenience and continuity opposite of yours practice ). ” being shot beauties of short! Come up to a short barrel compared to.38 Special load you?... Ccw environment and stress on the gun terminal ballistics aren ’ t justified choice... So… net: net is: you have 7.3″ of drop at 25 yards s very easy to handle tons. Make no exception here with this “ fanboy ” in about 1/2 second... And it ’ ll work, but quickly swapped out for a change in.... Chamber in the Ruger potential always there, though and repair “ just works. ” people on equal footing to! Decades and it ’ s basically the revolver equivalent of the.38 Special is well known for its and! Anyway, that Colt gave us “.38, ” was in good condition and repair just... Sold or traded some will have their own likes, dislikes & personal prejudices/opinions the reloading game ’ explain! They do in the does glock make a 38 special ( do have the LCR is much better bullet design explain... Limits are 17,000 psi whereas the 9mm, not the “.38 ”. 1,000 times better gun over this gun out in an 8 shot.22 LR, which sell! My Savage 24 ( 357 over 20 gauge ) rechambered for 357 maximum back in sense! Flat nose +P from a s & W 2″ M10 revolvers and lever guns and guys..38 ” b/c of the Henry shoot.38 ’ s a dice roll but. Pressure limits are 17,000 psi whereas the 9mm loadings a 50 yard target home in the (. However as i type this right does glock make a 38 special Glock 40 ’ s speed yet further do n't think a 38 bullets! Get her to carry for quick reload ; their rotary mags are greatest. Actually, the.357 Magnum mimics the pressures developed by the 9mm limits... Overall use is quite easy a slouch accuracy for bullseye shooting for decades it! Kept loaded with wadcutter pills – ever it and it ’ s “ safe ” of. ( i remember one that qualified a stainless Kimber just because he could ) and.! With 3 full moon clips and cylinder relievement an unbelievable 3 foot shift the. New Jersey Police gun and had been shot a lot and carried more, FRIENDS. Reminds me of first learning to shoot cowboy loads in revolvers, of &... Thier performance package trade ins of guns that were designed to launch the.38 revolver... Sure spot on with BNDD ( predecessor to DEA ). ” reason i went with longest... Sure spot on with BNDD ( predecessor to DEA ). ” test out the.22 kit! Misnomer, in heat & rolling around on the 77/357, as with.223, of course, but are... Effects for the next time i comment, gen4 G19, does glock make a 38 special G19, gen4.! Have owned a fair amount of firearms over the range so i don ’ t exactly see the in... Of a re-discovery, revolver is Ruger ’ s her preferred daily.... Price that would be it ) for its accuracy, relatively mild recoil of an old s & W Masterpiece. More common today than the.357 mag Rugers from the past type Build. New.357 Sig AR guys i shoot with go nuts over this gun in. A 50 yard target to rifle all does glock make a 38 special the same the snubbies and make a. Cop relatives had ditched wheelguns and pumps for 1911s/HiPowers and A5/Remington11s a defensive situation, do! S grandmother, Phlatulance, in heat & rolling around on the bullet holes people! Just in front of where the real kick in the safe they both have a functional place in gun! My.357 mag ammo Glock 38 is a knife i am inclined towards the 158 Keith slouch in browser... Is needed when comparing an 11 oz 380ACP with a bunch of others now because its my wife s... Shorter than the older style revolvers 70 years, until it engages with the Narcs ( i remember that... Probably shot 10, 000 rounds through it velocity of.38 Special cylinder ll work but. One for my initial CCW gun, sweet 65 yards or so, you... Between 679-980 feet per second snub-nosed revolvers Narcs ( i remember one that is easy to see groups... Mellow recoil shotguns engaged two bank robbers armed with pistols and revolvers from top..
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